Mortgages for Locum Doctors

If you work as a Locum Doctor, you may have more control over your career, seizing exciting opportunities as they arise, on your terms. This field of medicine is fast paced and flexible, so it can be common to have irregular shifts, variable hours, and fluctuating income. It’s part of the role, yet it can make the process of obtaining a mortgage rather daunting. Convincing lenders of your eligibility and affordability is particularly challenging if you’re new to self employment with irregular income, but Create Finance can help you every step of the way. Our experienced brokers have helped hundreds of locums secure the right mortgage for their circumstances, streamlining processes to overcome obstacles quickly and efficiently, preventing any delays.

    Get the expert mortgage advice you need now and it won't impact your credit history:

    Locum Doctor mortgages that come with a flexible lending criteria

    Today Locum Doctors can expect to gain access to the similar rates and offers as other borrowers, even though the process can be slightly different, so you may already be closer to buying your dream home than you think.

    There are plenty of lenders that take on a more flexible approach. They will consider your unique circumstances and the average of your income over previous years (or months) to conduct affordability calculations. Create Finance is in regular contact with a wide variety of mainstream and specialist lenders. Therefore, we can offer the most appropriate deal, streamlining the process of securing a Locum Doctor mortgage at the best possible rate.

    Create the financial future you deserve

    Whether you’re a self employed GP, Surgeon, Pharmacist, or Bank Nurse with gaps in employment, various income streams and changing shift patterns, we are here to make things easier. We know how difficult it can be to navigate the mortgage market, especially when you’re a locum. That said, even if you are yet to file your first year’s accounts, there are a series of specialist lenders willing to consider your application, often using your current income and projected accounts.

    At Create Finance, we will showcase your income in the best possible way. As experienced UK mortgage brokers specialising in complex cases, we know how hectic and packed your days can be, with new admissions and difficult circumstances arising constantly. We can at least ease the mortgage burden for you. With access to a greater pool of mortgage options, we can narrow down on the most appropriate products for your needs, helping you make a confident decision on your financial future.