Mortgages for Sole Traders

When you work for yourself, you gain more flexibility, satisfaction, and control over your career, perhaps achieving a higher income with the ability to complete work around various commitments and responsibilities. That said, many Sole Traders have fluctuating workflows and income, which can make navigating the mortgage market more difficult because you’re viewed as ‘riskier’ by lenders.


    Get the expert mortgage advice you need now and it won't impact your credit history:

    We’re up for a challenge!

    Many mainstream lenders will only consider your application if you have at least three years of accounts.

    Various self employed mortgage lenders are catering for Sole Traders, so you can still seize the opportunity to gain a mortgage, even if you only have 12 months of trading history. With an experienced team of self employed mortgage brokers in the UK, Create Finance has helped many Sole Traders find the right mortgage deal for their needs, providing transparency and respect at every turn.

    Tricky…but not impossible!

    Many Sole Traders do not fit the banks’ mould and there may be a few extra hoops to jump through but with the right broker, we can find the most appropriate mortgage product for your needs. As the number of sole traders in the UK continues to rise, so does the number of specialist lenders, those who are willing to help when others are not. The lenders we are in regular contact with offer a more flexible, common sense approach to lending, with exclusive products designed for people just like you.


    Sole Trader Mortgages. You’re not alone!

    Whether you’ve been self employed for over three years with accounts and tax returns as evidence or have only been trading a year, it’s best to get in touch with our friendly team today. We’re always here to answer your questions and provide independent, unbiased and transparent advice.