Self Employed Mortgages & Sole Traders

Many banks and building societies have tightened lending rules for self employed borrowers in recent years, meaning too many Sole Traders have faced rejection at the very first hurdle. Disheartening as it may be, there are plenty of ways to gain a mortgage or boost your chances and you don’t necessarily need a minimum of three years’ accounts!

The critical factor with any mortgage is to prove you have the income to make the repayments on the mortgage you’re applying for. Certain lenders will naturally see you as ‘riskier’ or ‘complex’ because your income fluctuates, yet others will gladly review your individual circumstances.

Let’s make your dream home a reality

The financial crisis and subsequent credit crunch from 2008 to 2009 made it considerably more challenging for Sole Traders to obtain mortgages with mainstream lenders tightening their purse strings. Today the outlook is much more positive. The number of self employed people continues to rise, and it’s prompted many lenders to adjust their criteria to accommodate the needs of self employed people better. Create Finance has access to a comprehensive range of lenders in the mortgage market, finding mortgage deals for hardworking and deserving Sole Traders just like you.

Sole Trader Mortgages. You’re not alone!

Whether you’ve been self employed for over three years with accounts and tax returns as evidence or have only been trading a year, it’s best to get in touch with our friendly team today. We’re always here to answer your questions and provide independent, unbiased and transparent advice.

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